Thursday, 14 May 2015

Dunning Community Programme

The SERF team are gearing up for another summer excavating in the Dunning area. We will be returning to Wellhill to investigate an early prehistoric landscape and returning for another season at the Dun Knock hillfort in Dunning itself. We will be examining the banks and ditches of this impressive Iron Age hillfort in conjunction with a community heritage programme running through the project.

Sign up now! We are looking for volunteers to come and dig, attend workshops and visit the site.

There are lots of activities planned for all ages including some fun, kids based events on our Open Day Saturday 4th July.

Don't want to get dirty? Well, we have plenty of indoor and non-digging activities to get involved with including talks, walks, workshops and tours. Displays and finds will be on show in our Heritage Hub, opposite the Dun Knock site.

More information on events and how to book can be found here. Please share to anyone you think might be interested!

Look forward to seeing you there. More updates to follow.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Ogle Hill Excavations

SERF is digging at Ogle Hill until the 19th of April 2015. 
Follow our progress on Twitter @SERFproject

Monday, 23 March 2015

Millhaugh day 5

Many thanks to everyone involved in the fieldwork at Millhaugh. Research aims achieved. Also thanks to Calum Rollo (landowner), John Neil (farmer) and the SMC team at Historic Scotland.
We’ll be back at Millhaugh in August for further fieldwalking and there are plans, subject to permissions, for excavations in 2016.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Millhaugh Day 4

Katherine Price writes:
Day Four
Another sunny, successful day at Millhaugh. The fieldwalkers finished walking the field, with a final large flake of flint found in the unpromising last corner just before packing up. Those who were test-pitting worked away in good spirits, despite the archaeology remaining elusive. Mystery object of the day was a slate pencil – this resulted in some reminiscing by Dene and Gert who seemed to have personal recollections of schools before pencil and paper became the standard for writing practice. Kenny Brophy made a guest appearance, the large selection of selection of cakes and pastries were much appreciated by all!

Millhaugh Day 3

Day 3 saw a dramatic increase in the number of finds from fieldwalking. The majority of the finds are lithics, including two ‘true’ flint blades. One of the blades is shown in a photograph below. Gert and his geophysics team continued to tick off at the grids and may end up finishing the survey by the end of Day 4. The test pitting continues apace. Very few finds so far

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Millhaugh Day 2

Excellent progress on Day 2 of Millhaugh across all three tasks, i.e. fieldwalking, geophysics and test pitting. First photograph is Gert and the geophysics team and below the test-pitters with Becca. Calum Rollo (landowner) visited.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Millhaugh Fieldwork Begins 16th March 2015

We’re back at Millhaugh, Dunning in rural Perthshire this week for fieldwalking, geophysical survey and a test pitting programme. The weather on Monday was decidedly mixed. Despite the conditions the students set about their tasks with great enthusiasm and humour and we made an excellent start to our programme of work. According to the forecast it should cloudy and dry for the rest of the week.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Final update from the prehistoric site at Wellhill

Well that's SERF over for another year and what a year it was. Wellhill turned out to be an incredibly pottery rich site along with prehistoric field systems and many large pits being discovered. Other treats included some charred hazelnut shells, lithics and even some Arran pitchstone. Big thanks to everyone who was involved with Wellhill this summer, you were all amazing. Here are some fun photos for now :-)

Cathy Mac's birthday on site.

Maria with one of her many fantastic prehistoric pottery finds (the one day it rained in 3 weeks).

The whole Wellhill team.

A scarily accurate photo of our wonderful director Dene (illustrator unknown...maybe).

See you next time!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Developments at Millhaugh Barrow:

We’ve continued to reveal the structure of the prehistoric burial monument, and the team have worked really hard and made impressive progress removing and revealing the cairn material and its turf covering. In order to get deeper down into the barrow and discover what lies beneath it, we’ve now begun to target particular parts of it: specifically, the centre and the edge of the barrow. This should give us a greater understanding of the monument’s construction.
Already in the lower area of the trench we encountered a surprise, in the form of another very large stone, similar to the kerbstones. We need to remove more of the cairn material to establish whether this is part of a wider pattern within the cairn, or an isolated outlier lying within. In the middle of the cairn, we have now excavated to 80cm below the surface – where the cairn material continues to be found, with the stones becoming even larger.
There was real excitement on site towards the end of Thursday, when Brenda discovered a beautiful deep blue flint scraper near the base of the kerbstones. We are now into double figures of small finds!

Figure 1: The mysterious inlier beside the kerbstones

Figure 2: The fine lithic Brenda found