Monday, 7 July 2014

Developments at Millhaugh Barrow:

We’ve continued to reveal the structure of the prehistoric burial monument, and the team have worked really hard and made impressive progress removing and revealing the cairn material and its turf covering. In order to get deeper down into the barrow and discover what lies beneath it, we’ve now begun to target particular parts of it: specifically, the centre and the edge of the barrow. This should give us a greater understanding of the monument’s construction.
Already in the lower area of the trench we encountered a surprise, in the form of another very large stone, similar to the kerbstones. We need to remove more of the cairn material to establish whether this is part of a wider pattern within the cairn, or an isolated outlier lying within. In the middle of the cairn, we have now excavated to 80cm below the surface – where the cairn material continues to be found, with the stones becoming even larger.
There was real excitement on site towards the end of Thursday, when Brenda discovered a beautiful deep blue flint scraper near the base of the kerbstones. We are now into double figures of small finds!

Figure 1: The mysterious inlier beside the kerbstones

Figure 2: The fine lithic Brenda found

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