Saturday, 13 August 2011

Day 13 - Churchyard

Hi , Trish here from the churchyard trench,  I’m back to work after poor weather and walkover survey kept me away . Its not a moment too soon either cos they don’t seem to know what to do without me. So, Cats been working on what still looks to be a grave, Ildy and me were working on opposite ends of what we thought to be a related feature . Guess what , turns out its not! We were thinking possible foundations of a timber building, now looks more like postholes.  Meanwhile we put Adrian in a little hole up at the top end with a bucket and a spoon and he was happy as Larry.

Archaeologists utilise all sorts of tools!

When he did make a fuss we threw him something to eat and he was placated.  The North west step had to go its getting in the way of some features  so that kept Ron busy for a bit.  Unfortunately the loss of the expertly crafted  “Scotts Stairs “ has now left us with only the poorly thrown together mud pile of Kenny and Adrian as our only means of escape. Things could get very difficult.  Most of the rest of the day was spent taking photographs and recording and getting ready for the open day tomorrow.
Trowelling over the trench

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