Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Curving wall found at Kay Craig

Iron Age? Medieval? Structures begin to emerge beneath the rubble at Kay Craig.
Today at Kay Craig we continued to expose the wall on the top of the hill, most of the inner face within the trench is exposed now and we finally discovered part of the outer face. We can now say that the structure wall is approximately 1.2m wide and curving. Sexy! The possible wall lower down the hill we were investigating with the trench extension is probably the remains of a boundary or enclosing wall that parallels the structure on the top. We will continue to excavate the probably medieval/early medieval layers tomorrow and hopefully see if anything earlier lies beneath!

In other news more early Iron Age pottery was found in the ditch as well as a substantial layer of tumbled stone from the structure.
Supervisor Cathy MacIver is excited.

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  1. Curious as to whether these structures are contemporary with the broch on Castle Craig and if thinking regarding a broch reconstruction will need to be updated to include Kay Craig.


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