Monday, 24 June 2013

Week 2 kicks off

Kay Craig

Bec: This week started out with a scary weather forecast of heavy rain that would decrease as the week went on. However we only suffered a few showers on Saturday, this has allowed us to make good progress on the excavation which in turn has allowed us to understand the site better.

Up in Trench 2 a possible burnt post has been discovered along with a drystone built structure and a possible hearth. To get a better understanding of the size and shape of the structure we have extended the trench downslope to investigate a possible outer wall face. In Trench 1 we are exploring the ditch and rampart and hopefully by the end of the week we will have a clearer idea about the period of our site and what has happened when. You can find out more by visiting the village hall in Dunning on Sunday to see our stall at the project open day.

Andrew is excited.

Stop Press! We bring you breaking news of a new find on site today. Andrew spotted a possible metal heating stand - probably used to heat precious metals. This was found in the layer of stone tumble inside the structure so hopefully we will find more evidence of this activity on site over the next few days as we remove the baulks. Here is a photo of Andrew looking excited (and one that actually shows the artefact). More hillfort news soon! :)

The possible crucible for heating precious metals. Excitement!

The Dunning Big Dig

Also kicking off tomorrow is the Big Dig II, where the SERF team will once again venture out across the village to dig test pits in back gardens across Dunning. Find out about last year's Big Dig results here, or drop by the Wee School for daily (except Friday) drop-in sessions and see what we've been finding. We will also be hosting an Open Day in the Village Hall this Sunday. Get involved!

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