Sunday, 13 April 2014

Day 11 at Castle Law

Another extremely windy day, who knows how many tools and equipment have now ended up over the hill.  Everyone embraced the goggle fashion and kept digging.  The outer face of the inner enclosure is proving to be much deeper than the inner face and therefore more rubble had to be excavated for safety.  General rubble removal continues over the putative hut platform ('happening' (PVI 3, Poller in prep)) and another layer (other than just stones) is emerging ("is it, is it" C Mac pers comm).  In Trench E the vitrified soil is beginning to show distinct concentrations (ohhh....).

The outer wall in Trench G - keeps on going!
Zane excavating in the 2013 Trench E
Neil covered up to protect against the wind on top of the rampart in Trench E showing vitrified soil concentrations

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