Saturday, 12 April 2014

Day 10 at Castle Law

After a day of rest an elite team of hard core archaeologists get back to Castle Law, which today felt like a gritty cyclone.  If you live in Bridge of Earn there may be a few buckets in your back garden (no bucket control).   The team continued to dig... in Trench G a lot of progress was made in finding the outer face of the inner enclosure by Ilia and Johnny.  Gen and Cathy dug through rubble to find....more rubble.  In Trench E Ali was excavating the orange layer left in the original trench and Kenny and Neil kept digging the rampart, exposing stone on the south side and the areas of burnt soil on the crest.

What is that you are casually leaning on Johnny?
Ilia and Johnny point to a lovely giant green angular stone in the facing
Hiding from the wind in Trench E

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