Monday, 7 April 2014

Day 6 at Castle Law

Today saw new and enthusiastic faces at Castle Law, ready to take in the magic of the hill.  Though by the end of the day the magic was a bit soggy with the rain....

In Trench G the diggers worked through some Victorian spoil to reveal the beginnigs of the inner stone face of the inner enclosure as well as more stone ...but which may be original collapse (ohh...).  In Trench F remains of the topsoil was excavated to uncover a large spread of gravel material and a random arrangement of larger stones (no hut platform yet).  In Trench E, Kenny got to the bottom of the old trench (finding Adrian's old broken trowel in the backfill!)

Andrew and Lauren revealling the face of the inner wall in Trench G
Diggin' Trench F
Kenny displaying the backfill find!
Adrian helping to dry out the wet drawings at the end of the day

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