Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Day 7 at Castle Law

Today was 'Super Tuesday' at Castle Law, not only was the archaeology super, but it was dry with sunny spells the whole day (hoorah!).  In Trench F a stone rubber was found by Ross while cleaning the topsoil from a possible hut platform.  A lot of spoil was removed from Trench G, revealing more of the splendid view from the hill.  The dream team (Gert and Lorraine) uncovered more of the inner face of the inner enclosure.  In Trench F the stone capping of the rampart was unearthed (and recorded with 'cam cam' and 'arm cam').

Ross showing off his rubbing stone
Hard work happening in Trench F
Alistair's view of the Tay estuary and a pylon from Trench G
The dream team at work in Trench G - Like your stone Lorraine!
Neil displays 'arm cam' in Trench E - uncovering stone capping to the rampart

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