Thursday, 3 April 2014

Day 2 at Castle Law

The day began very wet, but this did not deter our intrepid team... who were faced with 'deturfing' trench G ('G' for a giant gangster trench).   This trench extends from the inner stone enclosure northwards across a possible hut platform, which may overlie the outer stone enclosure.  The trench was not easy to deturf as the roots were knitted tightly around the many stones which lay near the surface.  Nonetheless, by the end of the day the trench was deturfed, yielding a few interesting discoveries along the way (see below).

Kenny's deturfing method was catching on - especially on the downslope

Ali found a mysterious metal object while deturfing the outer face of the inner enclosure
Johnny uncovers a suspicious stone near the bottom of the trench - perhaps a facing stone of the outer enclosure
The awesome deturfing team of Trench G and the results of their hard labour

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