Tuesday, 1 April 2014

SERF spring vacation fieldwork

SERF fieldwork begins again...

Last year, at about this time we were excavating through the snow at Castle Law, Forgandenny.  Starting tomorrow we will be back for season two and can only hope there will be no snow...  We will attempt to post daily photos (at least) of the excavation. Watch this space (...Adrian)

In the meantime, however, other fieldwork has begun.  Chris Dalglish, Michael Given and a group of interpid students have been walking the upland landscape to the southwest of Craig Rossie.  They are recording the use of this landscape over time, particularly focussing on the changes of settlement before and after the period of Improvement in the 18th and early 19th centuries...

...At the other end of the SERF study area, the RCAHMS are conducting a measured survey of the fort in Jackschairs Wood.  This fort was the first one excavated by SERF in 2007.  This survey offers a great opportunity to reconsider the results of the excavation.  Yvonne Robertson (University of Glasgow student) will be with the RCAHMS this week to learn the skills of measured survey.

Yvonne measuring a rampart

Amazingly, on day one of the survey George Geddes (RCAHMS) found a worked stone 'cup' (mortar), similar to ones found on other fort sites, just lying on the surface near the ramparts.  Who needs to excavate?

Close up of stone mortar
Awesome find George!

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