Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Last Days and the End of Castle Law Excavations 2014

Castle Law excavations 2014 is now over.  The final days were very busy and therefore the blog went silent, but here is a picture recap of the last days of the dig and the ultimate destruction of the backfilling team.

I would like to thank everyone that helped on site - it was extreme archaeology that only could be done be an extreme team!  Thank you all!  I would also like to thank the Dupplin Estate and Michael Blanche of Culteuchar farm for letting us carry out our crazy dig. - TP

Sondage through stone 'capping' of bank and leveled area over burnt deposits of earlier bank in Trench F
Alan recording sondage in Trench F
Odd hearth stone on slope in Trench F
Rough cobble surface of hut platform in Trench F
Effie Photos-Jones came along and zapped the area of soil vitrification in Trench E for chemical composition analyses
Neil's sondage through the vitrified bank material on to a layer of black ash and charcoal
Section of vitrified bank on the vestiges of an earlier bank
A rock cut ditch was discovered filled with large boulders at the base of the bank (who knew??)
More sampling for post-excavation analyses
The wall of the inner enclosure through the rubble in Trench G
Look at that rubble and collapse... very sexy!!
Veronika, Alistair and Ian very happy to reach bedrock through the rubble and clay!!
Dream Team's hole through the core of the wall (check out the drips and stains of vitrification in the top right of the section - magic!!!)
Another fantastic picture of the Dream Team (others had to be censored!!!)
Finished returfing Trench G on the last day - look at the beautiful sunshine!
An amazing but exhausted team at the end of backfilling!!! - Thank you all


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