Sunday, 22 June 2014

Hello from the SERF Fieldschool 2014. Staff and students from Glasgow University, Phil from Liverpool Uni and some overseas visitors arrived on site on Saturday to begin another season of work. The sites being dug this year include a prehistoric cropmark complex at Wellhill, a Roman temporary camp in Kincladdie Wood and near Pitcairns House and a prehistoric barrow at Millhaugh. This year we also have Katy Firth from Northlight Heritage running some community excavations in the village of Dunning, walkover survey near Coul and topographic and geophysical at several sites.

Over the last few days we have all been at Wellhill cleaning three large trenches to show up the features. So far we have lots of pits, postholes, and a probable Bronze Age field system with the remains of ardmarks visible. In a completely unprecedented move we found some prehistoric and probably Bronze Age pottery on the first day. Much excitement!

Joss, Phil and Steve have been opening up the Roman temporary camp at Kincladdie and the barrow will be started on Monday.

Keep posted over the next three weeks for more updates.



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