Thursday, 26 June 2014


Wellhill has been a hive of activity all day. First thing this morning Becca started the excavation of a small pit that looked choc-a-block full of charcoal. Once scrape later and we found out it was also full of Grooved Ware! This sort of pottery is associated with the late Neolithic (c. 4000 years ago) so we now think we have a series of late Neolithic features as well as some evidence for early Bronze Age activity.

Right on cue the students started finding sherds of Bronze Age pottery from the upper fills of the large circular pits. These respect the ardmarks we have interpreted as being part of a Bronze Age field system. The ardmarks also cut some of the features which we now think are likely to be late Neolithic.

We found more pottery today than we have over the whole of many of the previous seasons, hopefully lots more to follow as we get stuck into the features over the next couple of weeks. Thanks to all the students who have put in a load of hard work this week and particularly to Becca who found loads of pottery but more importantly brought us cake. No digging tomorrow as we are all having a well deserved rest after a week of exciting discoveries.

                                                               Becca 'potluck' Younger

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