Sunday, 29 June 2014

Wellhill still Potty! The last couple of days have been filled with potty goodness. The large pit features in Trench 1 have been producing lots more Bronze Age pot as well as charcoal rich layers. The smaller Neolithic features have been throwing up more Grooved Ware and some lithics as well (much to Denes excitement!).

                                        Some of the Wellhill students (and Dene) having a break.

Rory excavating a pottery rich pit.

Multiple pottery sherds in situ.

Trench 2 has been busy recording a couple of excavated features including a very truncated cremation pit with burnt bone and charcoal carefully excavated and sampled by Ian. We had a bit of excitement yesterday when Danny (just visiting for the day) cleaned back an area to reveal a small pit filled with burnt material and large pieces of Bronze Age pottery (all nice rim sherds). This is his first ever archaeological find, after years of excavating!

Rim sherd in situ in small pit

Pot in Trench 2 looking towards Ian's cremation pit

Danny looking well chuffed! :)

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