Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A quick update from Wellhill:

We are continuing to dig the large pits with Bronze Age pot coming up. We are nearing the bottom of the quarter sections in some of the pits and opening others up to investigate them to see how they compare to the ones we have dug so far.

The probable Neolithic pits are continuing to produce more pottery and some lithic finds. The pit Martina is digging is a bit complicated and turns out to have been a large pit which has then filled in been recut, filled with natural material and then has been recut again and filled with the charcoal, pottery and lithic rich fill.

Martina's pit
In Trench 2 Hollie has been finishing up the last feature in the trench - a shallow pit filled with burnt bone and charcoal. Star find of the dig so far (especially according to Dene) was a quantity of burnt hazelnut shell. This is great news for us because it is normally picked, eaten and then burnt in a short space of time so really good for carbon dating. It probably indicates that the pit has been filled with waste from a fireplace. Nice one Hollie!

It was a really hot day today so the students did a great job digging in the hot and dusty conditions. Some of the staff didn't do so well.......

Ginger people are not made for sun!

Thanks to Jan Brophy for all the home baking. It was amazing!

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