Thursday, 9 August 2012

 Day 2 at Castle Craig

Hello everyone!!

I’m part of the wonderful team at this exciting site! It’s an Iron Age broch which was later used by the Romans and it was excavated for the first time last year. We arrived there yesterday to set out the four trenches, one of which is a repeat of last year, and start the thrilling task of de-turfing. After many blisters, we are now getting to the good stuff! Today, Ryan went by with the metal detector as the rest of us continued digging. So far, the trench from last year has been cleared out revealing the outer wall and we are starting to hit the big rocks in the new trenches too so hopefully in the next few days we will be able to say a bit more about the structure of the broch. Its’ been slow-going with the trowels but we’ve found a few things of note which is always nice. I, personally, was seriously excited to find a sheep mandible (that’s a jaw bone by the way – a fact I learnt today…). More importantly though we found some small pieces of Roman pottery and a pounding stone along with some other finds. I’m sure there is way more to come so watch this space! Its’ going to be three more weeks of fun in the Scottish sun!

Yvonne and others at Castle Craig deturfing
Ryan using the metal detector on site

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