Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hi everyone,
Jules writing to you today! We woke up today energised, excited and in hot pursuit of archaeology in the stupendous sunshine that Perthshire is currently providing.  Day 3 at Castle Craig was more than willing to accommodate us in our quest!
We have been digging, drawing and unearthing some excellent archaeology. In continuing cleaning our trenches and removing some more big stones we exposed some more of the broch (its entrance is teasing us in the ground) and found some more pottery (possibly Roman). Also, and very excitingly, there have been small pieces of lead, copper and bronze found (Woo Hoo!!).
The next few days are looking promising and fingers crossed our hunt for postholes in the rampart shall be accomplished!! Especially since such a find was made last year on the other side of the site. It’s promising to be another exciting time at SERF! Castle Craig is certainly living up to the rave reviews from last year…

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