Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hi Vesa here!! Yesterday we arrived to our accommodation in Strathallan School. After settling down we were introduced to the area of the research and the landscape of the Strathearn Valley. During the same evening we also got out hands dirty for the first time, as we begun cleaning up the trenches in Leadketty. This morning powered by a massive breakfast, we were divided in to three groups and sent into the sites that are being excavated during the summer 2012. The sites are located at Leadketty, Castle Craig and the village of Dunning, and we expect them to reveal more information about the meaning of the landscape in Forteviot in the past. After a day of endless shovelling, hoeing, mattocking and barrowing the site were begging to take shape! We gladly await the treasure that they are hiding. The weather was sunny and the first day passed quickly, and we were looking forward to opening a nice cold beer!

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