Saturday, 18 August 2012

Greetings from Castle Craig. My name is Mackenzie Cory, a sophomore at the University of Wyoming, and it is my pleasure to be writing the blog update for day ten of the SERF project.  The weather was cool and a bit breezy when we arrived at the top of the towering hill that has become our place of both work and study.  During the afternoon we had a few sprinkles that always seemed to stop as soon as we put on our waterproofs
            Today at Castle Craig we opened up a new sew section in trench 6.  Within two hours of cleaning and excavation we uncovered what may or may not be a smaller exterior wall that could have been associated with the broch.  There are a great deal of “maybes” and “coulds” in the last sentence because so far we have only excavated a small portion of the area and have very little evidence to support any theories.  All we know for sure is that we have an unusually straight and level line of similarly shaped rocks and that generally means something. 
            Business continues as usual at the other three trenches.  Some members of the crew are sketching out the different contexts while others are cleaning and excavating.  Although the each day brings new experiences and finds to the members of the crew two things stay certain: every day we gain a better understanding of how the inhabitants of Castle Craig lived and there is always more to learn tomorrow.

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