Saturday, 18 August 2012

The work at Leadketty in Trench 3 consisted only of cleaning today. All the people from Trench 1 came over to join us in the morning to get some moe of the topsoil off the trench surfsace using some hoes and mattocks. By eleven after a short hydration break, most of the the trench 1 guys returned and the few who stayed dissapeared after lunch. Leaving the regular guys behind. But in that time we all managed to get a huge amount of work done and most of the really annoying hard baked crust removed.
We finished up earlier today to go on a little “sightseeing” trip to the other trenches. One team is digging an impressive broch that seemed to have contact with the Romans, and at Dunning they’ve been digging alongsided St.Serfs church wall.

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