Thursday 2 August 2012

A new season!

Hi everyone,

Well, SERF are back for another season of fieldwork in and around Strathearn. This year we are looking at a variety of sites, including: the early medieval evidence at St Serf's Church, Dunning; an early prehistoric palisaded enclosure, a henge monument and a post defined structure at Leadketty; the broch we discovered last year at Castle Craig not to mention a couple of other sites that will be visited and surveyed by the survey team.

This year we also have the BIG Dig in Dunning. This is a programme of events aimed at getting the local community involved in archaeology and exploring the past around Dunning. If you are interested in getting involved a full programme of events inlcuding lectures, workshops and learning how to dig can be found here.

Trenches at Leadketty were laid out yesterday and Kenny is up supervising the opening of them today. Tools and equipment will be ferried up over the next couple of days. The students arrive at Strathallan next Monday (6th August) and we will get started with some extensive cleaning on the Tuesday. Hope to see you then!

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