Tuesday 7 July 2015

Last week!

Hello! Its been a very exciting week or so here at SERF! Firstly, we have finished digging at Leadketty after finding post holes, pits and most of a timber circle, as well as a piece of pottery. Exciting things have also been happening over at Wellhill, where as usual lots of finds have been emerging from the Neolithic and Bronze-Age pits, including lots of pottery and a polished stone tool. An early Bronze-Age cist with burnt bone inside has also been excavated. At the Dun Knock we have been excavating ditch features in our main trench, and have found evidence of a rampart with post holes and timber revetments in one of our smaller trenches in the neighbouring woods. Some very exciting finds have been uncovered in the last week at the Dun Knock including a crucible, stone tools and a intact pot which is already looking to be very unusual.

Lots of fun was had at our successful open day on Saturday despite the bad weather. Children as adults alike enjoyed making clay pots and getting their faces painted Pictish-style, as well as going on site tours taken by our students and sampling some food that was cooked at our pit roast.

We are all looking forward to tying everything up in this last week, keep an eye on the twitter for anymore updates!

All finished at Leadketty!

Hannah and Katie holding the polished stone tool at Wellhill

Scott pointing to the whole pot in situ in ditch 4 at the Dun Knock