Sunday 21 June 2015

SERF '15: And so it begins...

The SERF team are back in Dunning and have hit the ground running! It has been an exciting couple of days on all of the sites, with promise of some interesting archaeology ready to be uncovered after two days of cleaning. After cleaning the trench at Wellhill- the biggest trench in SERF history, a massive 2000 square metres- the students uncovered some potentially exciting features. Similarly in our Leadketty trench (which is much smaller and cosier than the trench in Wellhill) potential archaeology is cropping up. Our community dig in the Dun Knock kicked off last Monday when the children from the local primary school came to visit the site and had a go at digging and sieving. Hopefully some future archaeologists in the making! After cleaning and edging the Dun Knock today with the help of some great volunteers we are able to see a possible ditch feature more clearly and also some other interesting features. Despite the sandy soil and the windy weather, the students are enjoying themselves and are looking forward to uncovering some exciting archaeology in the next few days!
Cleaning at Leadketty

The student working hard at Welllhill

Future archaeologists at the Dun Knock!