Wednesday, 22 August 2012

August 21 2012

Alex from Aberdeen Uni here with today’s update from Castle Craig! To start with I must say that it feels insane that we have now been here 16 days and has less than a week to go!  Will really miss everyone once this is over! Especially my trench buddies. Never thought I could get this attached to a trench haha! Also must add that never been so proud to present something as on Sunday during the open day! Trench 6 <3 span="span">

  The weather today really couldn’t make up its mind, sunny really warm one minute and then pouring down with rain the next! Despite this it has been a very nice and calm day! Planning and section drawing for all the trenches has taken up most of the day! Must admit that to start with I was not really enjoying drawing, especially as the rain constantly destroyed it! But as the day went on and the weather got better I actually learned some tricks and got quite alright at it!

Oh and more evidence for medieval occupation was also uncovered in the form of pottery! Tomorrow we will have students from the local schools coming to view the site and we will guide them and show them how we do things! All really exciting!

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