Friday, 24 August 2012

Open Day blog from Castle Craig

The Open Day began with busily preparing ourselves to welcome guests to ‘Heather’s Broch’. We were cleaning trenches, putting up signs and learning impressive broch facts to wow our visitors with. By 12 o’clock the site was looking ship shape and we were all excited to share our broch with the local community and those from further a field. The day was a complete success with a stampede of people making their way up the hill to Castle Craig. Tours were carried out by supervisors, students and volunteers and the majority of guests commented on how impressive and exciting the broch is. Not only was the Open Day an opportunity for the visitors to learn about Castle Craig but it was also a learning curve for the archaeologists. We were able to understand more about the broch itself and hear interpretations from the guests which helped shed a new light on various aspects of the site. Although the majority of the day was focused on the Open Day it was still a working day and some discoveries were made to help us understand the mysteries. Another defensive rampart revealed itself on the north face of the hill and more of the broch wall was uncovered. Finds from the day included animal teeth and burnt animal bone. Overall the Open Day was a success as Castle Craig got the attention it deserved and the public had a good day out.


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